Chairman's Message

Home is where the heart is. Home is a place where culture and values are crafted. It is a place where you rest after a day's tiring work. It is a place where beautiful memories with your loved ones are created.

Every Individual Dreams of having a Place of his own. A Peaceful Place. A Place which he has bought with his hard earned money and now works as a security for his family. A Place which defines the individual's victory & fruit- for his struggles, aspirations and inspirations.

It is of utmost satisfaction to us, to be part of this joyful process of our fellow individual. Playing our small role, we achieve satisfaction by helping somebody achieve his. It is happiness that we play a role in becoming the vehicle of such joy. Of being there when it mattered. And being instrumental in providing an opportunity to get that pivotal asset for an individual's security. It is our vision to ensure that with due transparency the real estate solutions are provided to the masses and not to a select few.

We do not intend Bhaishree Ventures to be just a company providing spaces and land. But we intend to be participant and support providers. We intend to be the trustful and the reliable. We wanted to be an organisation that you can rely for bringing the most beneficial and value for money opportunity. A growth opportunity which is based on trust and transparency and meaningful partnerships.

Bhaishree Ventures is not just a company, it is a deep rooted, futuristic movement grounded on trust and transparency. We believe in being the change we want to see and hence all our initiatives are focused on bringing concrete and constructive change, in the lives of our customers, in the growth of our employees and in the society in general.

We at Bhaishree Group envision ourselves as a vibrant enterprise, ceaselessly seeking and embracing new frontiers and providing quality options at a fair price. You are a part of our world and all this is going to be possible only with your trust and encouragement.

We believe together we can bring prosperity and direction to our nation.

Jai Hind!!!

Bhaishree Rameshbhai Patel

Bhaishree Rameshbhai Patel