Chairman And Promoters

Bhaishree Rameshbhai Patel

Shri Rameshbhai Patel has had an entrepreneurial spirit from the beginning when he went to his uncle to learn the trade of Tea business at Bilaspur. His journey to the world of business started on a bicycle in 1975. Today under his leadership and guidance, Bhaishree group has diversified into Tea manufacturing, Food Snacks manufacturing, Textiles, Edible Oil, Securities, Printing, Education and Real Estate business.

The group is guided by his philosophy of "being the change we want to see," his focus on customer satisfaction with high quality products and his strong sense of ethics.

Bhaishree has received many accolades and awards for his significant contribution to business and to the society

To mention few:


Similarly he has been facilitated and honored by various societies and organisations including the Government of Maharashtra. Below Mentioned are few of the esteemed organisations:


He has been honored with "BEST INDUSTRY AWARD FROM MAHARASHTRA GOVT." He has also been felicitated by "ROTARY CLUB at National Conference.

An entire chapter is dedicated on Bhaishreeji in book of JALNA ICONS which is about the achievers of Jalna City. Along with his Industrial Ventures and Entrepreneurial spirit, Bhaishreeji has been a True Philanthropist at heart. He has been highly dedicated to the services of the society and it is his dedication and work which earned him the sobriquet "Bhaishree." He was amongst the first few individuals who realized the water problem at Jalna. For last 4 years Bhaishreeji is continuously working on de-silting process of Ghanewadi. It is envisaged that the hard work put in by the team under the vision of Bhaishreeji will ensure that Jalna does not have to face the drought Situation in future.

He has been working enthusiastically for Free operations of Polio patients, Samohik Vivah, an Old age home, and supporting the cause of Sindhutai Sapkal. However, his social work is not restricted to these causes only. He has made immense contribution to the welfare of Jalna city. Bhaishree ensured water, morgues, parks, platforms etc. for the city.

Bhavesh Rameshbhai Patel

Mr. Bhavesh Rameshbhai Patel believed in Customer Service Relations where skills can be utilized to handle customer requirements smoothly and improve company service. He is partner with Taksheel Land Developers, Seed One Agro Projects, Gruhshilp Constructions, pune; Krishna Vatika Developers, Jalna; Global Softech, and Bhaishree Ventures, Aurangabad. He is a Joint Managing Director at Vikram Tea Processor Pvt. Ltd. He is Director at Trinity Snacks Pvt. Ltd., Bhaishree Foods Pvt. Ltd., Jalgaon, LaxmiCotspin Ltd., J.K. Securities Pvt. Ltd., Anand and J.K. Commodities & Services Pvt. Ltd., Anand.

He has been associated with different sects of the society through social and non-governmental organisations. He is president of Sevabhavi Sanstha and Narayan SevaSanstha, Jalna.

Makarand D. Deshpande

An MBA from Dr. B.A.M.University, Aurangabad, Makarand Deshpande has an industry experience of more than14 years. He has been associated with Bhaishree group since 2003.

Starting his Career in Duraware Ltd (NIRLEP), he learned the ropes of sales and marketing. Eventually being an Entrepreneur at heart, he quit and started working on Trinity Snacks Pvt. Ltd. –A Namkeen Manufacturing Company as an Executive Partner. Not to be the one who will be satisfied with a normal growth, he ventured into different arenas for Bhaishree Group and started the Real Estate Business and the Education Division.

Makarand Deshpande has been the Executive Partner for Bhaishree Ventures since its inception and is instrumental for the Strategy, Branding and Land acquisition & Development for the firm.

Being a Trainer and a Mentor at Heart, Makarand Deshpande has been keenly involved in various training and academic activities that includes being a member of A& M Club, Aurangabad. He has also been a guest lecturer at various Management Institutes in Aurangabad and Pune. He is also the Director of Lotus Centre for Professional Studies & Research Pvt. Ltd. Pune-An Institute which deals with Corporate Training and Mentoring.

Pravin D. Somani

An MBA from Dr. B.A.M.University, Aurangabad, Pravin D. Somani has a work experience of more than 15 years. He has been associated with Bhaishree Group since 2003. Having started his career in the Pharmaceutical Sector, Pravin has learnt the nuances of sales right from its roots. Working with Lupin Labs Ltd., he understood the importance sales at field and the necessity for having the perseverance and honoring the commitments. Pravin Somani later joined Trinity Snacks Pvt. Ltd as a Founder Member and an Executive Partner.

In 2008, Pravin Somani initiated the foray of Bhaishree Group into Real Estate Sector. Bhaishree Ventures is an Outcome of that foray in 2009 wherein Pravin Somani took the responsibility of channelizing sales. With an ability to work towards getting a solution, he was able to bring together a lot of people and create a solution with common interest.

Pravin Somani has been an active crusader for Infrastructure Development in Aurangabad. He has been the founder member and Vice President of Jhalar Kshetra Vikas Samiti, Aurangabad. This Organisation has been created with a vision to facilitate growth of fringe areas of Aurangabad. He has been instrumental in putting forward successful proposals in front of the Authroities like CIDCO and Town Planning. Through this organisation he has been able to contribute for the development plan of the Jhalar Kshetra. Similarly he has planned Awareness Programs of CIDCO for the consumer through Corner Meetings and open Forums. He has also worked on providing a Feasibility Model of the Jhalar Kshetra Vikas to the concerned authorities. Currently he is working on the project of providing TDR Compensation to Farmers whose lands are being acquired for DMIC instead of the standard Cash Compensation at Ready reckoner rates. He is also working towards getting the ready reckoner rates more market oriented and market friendly.

Today, Pravin Somani is the Pillar for Sales, Operations and Future Acquisitions in the framework of Bhaishree Ventures. Academically inclined, he has worked as corporate trainer and is currently undergoing his Ph.D.